MaShelembe Rips Into MaSithole On Mnakwethu Reunion

Things got heated

By  | Sep 22, 2021, 02:34 PM  | Musa Mseleku  | Drama

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Mnakwethu got heated on the first part of the reunion special called 'where are they now,' which aired on Wednesday night. Host Musa Mseleku decided to give radio icon Linda Sibiya the opportunity to host the reunion special, and he did it with ease.

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On season two of the reunion special, the first wives ripped into their sister wives who were exposed for being disrespectful towards their husband's first wives. Sibiya revisited all the polygamists starting off with Thembelani Mchunu who is married to Mam’Mthombeni, the first wife and MaKhumalo which is the second wife.

A fed up Mam'Mthombeni exposed MaKhumalo for being very lazy, saying she does not help her with the house chores. All she does is sleep the whole day and disrespects the first wife.

This just fuels Mthombeni's anger as she never wanted her husband to take another wife in the first place.

Standing up for the first wives was Busisiwe, wife to Mafuleka, who disciplined the sister wives for being petty and refusing to work on house duties. Another issue raised was the husband's attitudes to their first wives especially Mafuleka who tends to his second wife's needs, instead of the first.

The moment which everybody was looking forward to was the season two finale star MaShelembe and her husband Langa, and the new addition to their family, MaSithole.

MaShelembe was ready to walk out the door when her husband introduced MaSithole. Mzansi applauded MaShelembe for taking that bold decision of packing her bags and leaving the toxic marriage. But after last night's special, we wonder of MaShelembe did indeed leave or not.

A very pregnant MaShelembe ripped into to a very smug MaSithole who labels herself the pillar of their family. Even though she was reserved during part one, part two is where she comes for MaSithole's neck.

She asked why does she want to be the pillar of their family, when she failed to do so in her relationship which she birthed three children in.

All of this will be revealed next week Wednesday when the second part of the reunion special airs.

Meanwhile, MaShelembe needs to make up her mind as to which baby shower she will be attending as Mzansi made the generous offer of throwing her one. The 7-months-pregnant publicly shamed woman, touched Mzansi when she cried on national TV. She got offered a chance to re-build her life from Mzansi, who wanted to give her new clothes, new car, home and so forth, they also decided to give her a reason to smile again.

SowetanLive revealed that organiser of the provincial baby shower Ncumisa Ndelu, announced that it had been cancelled. It was going to take place this Saturday, September 26 in Durban at the Botanical Gardens. 

The reason behind cancelling the baby shower was because there is another baby shower planned for her by Nomfundo Mathonsi on the same exact day. But after the drama which took place, Ncumisa pulled out. 

She released a statement detailing why she decided to call it quits an she said their verbal fight got nasty. “This morning I requested the name of a school closest to her to enable the driver to find her easily. At this point, she informed me that on Friday she will be travelling to Empangeni. I then asked how this was possible because we had agreed on the weekend and everything it entailed.

“...all the women who wanted to shower Makhosi with love...the organiser made it clear that her plan was not flexible in any way, but promised to speak to her committee and get back to me in an hour with a resolution," she said and she added that the conversation between her and the organiser of the other baby had a shady tone, so she pulled out.

“Makhosi is pregnant. I did not and do not want to be the cause or part of the cause of undue emotional or physical stress to her by putting her in an uncomfortable position. To avoid any conflict or perception of conflict, I decided to withdraw from the situation.”

She said people can still drop off gifts but the shower was cancelled, “Gifts can still be dropped off at 494 Lilian Ngoyi Road (Windermere), Morningside, in Durban. I will find another Good Samaritan to transport the gifts to Nquthu.”

MaShelembe went on Facebook and revealed that she accepted both invites to her baby showers and would attend them both. She asked the women to get along.

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