#ComeDineSA Is Back!

The dinner show that packs mouthfuls of flavour

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

Following the huge success of series four, BBC Brit’s critically acclaimed hit Come Dine With Me South Africa is back for another season, featuring the witty observations of voiceover legend Dave Lamb.

While it’s the effort and attention to detail shown in the food, décor, entertainment and overall hosting skills that gets the votes, often the clash of different personalities and tastes has a dramatic and hilarious role to play in the outcome of the evening. It’s a show where anything could happen.

March 11th, marked the momentous night with the  episode to start off the season premier.

Among the guests were fashion designer, Gert Coetzee, reality television star Christall Kay from The Real Housewives of Johannesburg, media personality Candice Modiselle and Radio personality and comedian Lucky.

The night was filled with a lot of highs and lows but entertaining non the less. No one made a complete flop of their night but lets just say, even with a little added help-this housewife was more YoTv chef than Gourmet chef.

Mzansi was pleased that the show made its return, after the rumour mill was churning out some cancellation doubts. But the people of the rainbow nation, took to their couches and tuned in.

Spoiler Alert: Gert Coetzee took home the cash prize and it was a well deserved win as the designer really showed off that his cooking skills paralleled his designer skills.

And just before you scream obscenities at your screens, no the ZAlebs don't cash in money into their bank accounts. All the winnings go to a charity of their choice. Gert chose the Ronald McDonald Charity.

The charity focuses on helping sick children fight their illness which takes a big enough emotional toll on a family, let alone the financial strain. The McDonald’s understands the need to improve the lives of children and their families during those difficult times.

The premier episode was a good introduction what is to come and Mzansi cannot wait till next week for another dinner party that lets you #ExpectAnything.

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Main Image Credit: Channel 24