Blitz Patrolling with David Kau

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | David Kau 

Is Blitz Patrollie the first film of yours to be screened at the International Cannes Film festival, and in all honestly did you think it would receive such raving reviews as it has now?

Yes it's my 1st film.

We spent a lot of time, energy,effort and a lot of money making it. We're expecting People to be blown away. Very few people have seen it and they love it, but we still waiting to hear how the public feels about it when it comes out in cinemas May 10th.

We recently spoke to Kagiso Lediga with regards to the film and he mentioned that most of the stunts were done by you guys, how was it like being your own stunt man?  Seeing that there are quite a lot of gun shots and jumping off walls happening there?

I was very excited about doing my own stunts and I wanted to do more. It was quite cool especially because we had shooting lessons before filming began, so we got to play with a lot of different type of guns that we can't in real life. I wanted to drive more but Joey had a lot more driving scenes than me.

Did you break any bones, any cool scars you can boast about?

I had some wood splinters after the scene where my apartment gets shot up, I was bleeding so nothing cool about that.

Could you briefly discuss the writing process of the Bliz Patrollie script, who were the main writers and was there any improvised scenes acted out in the movie?

Kagiso Lediga wrote the movie. The script was almost perfect so we didn't improvise a lot.

Apart from the Cannes festival event is the cast planning on doing a national tour to promote the movie further and where can your fans expect to see you if there is a tour underway?

We're in Jhb at the Premieres Braamfontein 30th April, Killarney Cine movie theaters 5th May, Montecasino 7th May, Durban Suncoast 6th May, Cape Town 2nd May. Other venues will be announced keep following us on twitter. @davidkau1

Blacks Only Comedy Show 2013 - how was that experience for you and what was your favourite part about the entire show?

I've been doing Blacks Only for 9 years now. My favorite part is always seeing new comedians on stage performing in front of 4000 people for the 1st time, and the standing ovation most of them get.

Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions and congratulations on Blitz Patrollie being screened at the Cannes Festival best of luck!