Days of Our Lives on air for another 2 years

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

It’s probably still your mother’s favourite soapie of all time and since its first episode aired in the 1960’s, Days of Our Lives has showed no signs of vanishing from our television screens.  Yesterday evening, NBC announced that they would be adding an additional two years onto the already 50 year life-span  watched day-time soapie in America.  To our surprise, Days of Our Lives is not only "alive" but well and truly kicking! The soapie picked up the award for best daytime drama award at the Daytime Emmys.

We're not going to lie- we haven’t kept up with Day’s of Our Lives since the dawn of the new millennium. It just feels like it lost some of its magic and that the story line was a lot more riveting in the 90’s. (Err, did we just expose how old some of us are?)

The news of the soapie's longevity sparked a nostalgic nerve in our brain. So we thought we’d take you through two of our most memorable Days of our Lives moments:

Who remembers “Marlena Evans'” possessed phase? The scenes when she’d elevate on top of her bed whilst “John Black” fought the demon within her would have us so terrified, with those images still vivid in our minds bed-time would be such a horrid experience to go through.

Then there was the confusing storyline between “Princess Gina” and “Hope” Pardon us, but what was "Princess Gina's" role again?