Mum's the word

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Dineo Moeketsi Langa 

Kgomotso Moeketsi has long been a well-known face, and voice, in South African media. Her daughter, Dineo Moeketsi, has shot up in the fame stakes to join her mom as a face we’ve all come to know, and love. We chat to them about their relationship, showbiz, and how they plan to spend this Mother’s Day.

Kgomotso, what kind of career did you envision for Dineo?

You know, I never wanted anything specific, but for her to grow up to become a responsible, well-rounded, successful, enlightened, loving and kind person. I knew early on that she would do what her heart desired, and I respected that about her. I still do.

Did you ever want to keep her out of the limelight?

Yes I did, because I know what a cruel and dog-eat-dog industry this is. I didn’t want her to have to go through the troubles I was caused by being in this industry.

Dineo, did you ever think you’d follow in your mom’s footsteps?

No, I was actually intent on being a musician. I always thought being in the media world wasn't for me.

Have you ever been accused of only getting to this point in your career because of having your mom in the industry?

I haven't had a situation like that, and I think it's because I worked to establish myself first and foremost as Dineo before anyone even knew I was Dineo: KG's daughter.

Do you sometimes feel overshadowed by the strong figure your mom’s come to represent?

Not at all. My mother serves a completely different market to what I do, and the platforms we hold are equally different. We shine equally in our individual spheres.

KG, what mistakes, if any, have you made that you want to protect Dineo from experiencing too?

I always tell her to never let other people determine her worth and value, and to be on the look-out for those wanting to take advantage of her talent and time.

How has she wowed you?

She is disciplined and a very meticulous planner who sees her dreams through. That is incredible. I’ve dreamt so many dreams that I never saw to fruition, and watching her achieve hers amazes me daily.

What’s the greatest lesson you hope to impart on Dineo?

She must love herself. No amount of adoration by strangers can replace the love she should have for herself first.

What’s the greatest thing you’ve learned from your mom?

My mom gave me the gift of witnessing that if I follow my heart and go for my dreams, I can't fail. Watching her, and how much she’s done with her life, how far she’s gone has made me brave enough to do all that I do to this day.

What’s your favourite pet name for Dineo?

Nene. I’ve called her Nene from when she was born to the extent where she knows that if I call her Dineo, there’s something serious to discuss.

How do you two bond?

Dineo: There isn't a specific activity that we have but we do talk everyday and our minds meeting daily makes for the special bond we have.

KG: And we also laugh a lot! We have some crazy/funny moments where we laugh at very ordinary things but we also make time for serious matters. We’ve had some very serious and profound discussions, she and I.

Kgomotso, are you close to your mom? Will you be celebrating this mother’s day with her?

I haven’t always been close to my mom, but I had to confront the issue last year, and improve things after she took quite ill. It would be nice to hang out and share a meal with her and Dineo on Mother’s Day.

Dineo, how will you be spoiling your mom this Mother’s Day?

I haven't decided on the specifics, yet, but there is a little secret which will be revealed closer to the time…

What special message do you have for your mom?

I understand you so much more now than I ever have, mom, and I greatly appreciate all of the lessons and wisdom you’ve imparted in me. Happy Mother’s Day.

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