Distruction Boyz member Goldmax offers to remix Duma Mnqobi's Umsindo

Who knows, maybe it will become a hit. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

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Distruction boys

Last week, South Africans were at loss for words when they heard Duma Mnqobi's Umsindo single, which went viral after he shared the music video on social media.

People were of the opinion that the song was terrible, but Duma was not bothered by the negative comments.

Although many did not like the song, there are those who at least came with a  solution on how to improve it.

One of those people is Distruction Boyz member, Goldmax, who suggested that they collaborate and do an Umsindo remix.

Distruction umsindo

Goldmax was probably joking, but it honestly wouldn't be a bad idea. 

Just imagine if they did do the remix and it suddenly becomes a festive season hit? That would have a lot of people eating their words.

In other news, Duma announced that the single has gone gold.

Gold umsindo

But some people do not people believe that this is true.

They're really not buying it.

Hopefully, with Goldmax's touch, it will go platinum.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@OfficialGoldmax_Dboyz

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