DJ Euphonik Shares What He Misses Most About A Night Out

The DJ joked and said he miss taking people's CVs whilst drinking.

By  | Apr 25, 2020, 09:34 AM  | Dj Euphonik  

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A night out on some drinks is always fun and refreshing, but when some are already intoxicated they tend to speak about career opportunities and all the struggles of life in general. This essentially leads to someone even saying at their workplace they are hiring or even "I'm the manager send me your CV tomorrow I will put you on my list."

If you have not been a promised a job whilst drinking you are very lucky. Mzansi's favourite DJ Euphonik, joked about what he misses most about going out. In a tweet, he said he misses taking people's CVs on a night out.

This had fans rolling on the floor with laughs and sharing their own experiences. DJ Fresh also shared the same sentiments.

The DJ said he misses being told that he must register an NPO or NGO, and they will influence the mayor to do the things that matter.

If you probably have never encountered this you are very lucky because some of us have sent so many CV's to people we meet on a night out, but you don't even receive a call for the job and next time y'all meet, it's an awkward moment. 

Tweeps reacted to his tweet.

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