#DMF: An Annoying Ex & Dodgy Friends

Date My Family was lit last night

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

Date My Family's recent episode had so many highlights; we couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by the amount of entertainment that was presented to us on Sunday night.

Introducing 23-year-old bachelorette from Limpopo - Dipuo who was in search of a man she could start a long-lasting relationship with, luckily for Dipuo she eventually did find her "prince charming."  However, she had to go through a whole lot of drama before she could finally find her perfect match.

The rude friends

Dipuo first met up with Jeff's friends and family, at first the family seemed welcoming, but we were taken by surprise when they mentioned that they had never seen Jeff with a girlfriend before and had shared that Jeff is a virgin. Uhm, was it their place to reveal such? We don't think so.

However, there was one friend who redeemed himself with his hilarious laughter.

The moment the guy began laughing we could not help but join in laughter as well.

Dodgy-looking friends

Then there was the second family, what a scary date that was. Honestly, the second date did not feel like a date at all, if anything, it felt as though Dipuo had found herself in an interrogation room.

Also, the friends didn't look like the most welcoming group of gentlemen, one of them hardly smiled, and half of the time, instead of representing their friends in a positive light they were sending subliminal threats to Dipuo. Poor girl looked terrified.

But seriously, these guys did look suspicious.

Karabo's annoying ex-girlfriend

Firstly, why on earth would you invite your ex-girlfriend to become your representative on Date My Family? That did not make sense.

Poor Dipuo was introduced to Karabo's very hostile friend who also included an ex-girlfriend who did not vibe with Dipuo the minute she stepped into their living room.

The interaction between Dipuo and the ex was very awkward, and she did not hide her disapproval of the bachelorette.

While the ex disapproved of Dipuo, viewers disapproved of her and magnified everything they saw to be wrong about her.

Thank goodness Dipuo did not choose Karabo but chose to go with the ever-so hilarious Jeff, even the guy with the weird laughter held onto her tight when she stepped out of the car.

And in other good news, Jeff and Dipuo are still in a relationship.

If you missed out on Sunday night's episode, [thanks to load shedding], don't worry you can still catch up on the repeat which airs on Tuesday evenings.

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