AKA calls out a fan

The rapper is not afraid of calling people out 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | AKA  | Drama


AKA is one of the most successful rappers in South Africa. The musician started off his career in a hip-hop group and since then, he has solidified himself as the breakout star of the trio. 

Throughout the years, AKA has been known for his outspoken nature, many a time, he has gotten into it with celebrities and anyone who has tried to come for him and his livelihood. 

After a fan complimented AKA on his new album with a screenshot of the album, AKA put him on blast for illegally downloading his music.

"Thank You for that gracious and awesome compliment. I’m glad you think it’s beautiful' he wrote in part. Take a look at the graceful clapback below: 

AKA is no stranger to dragging and being dragged, a couple of months ago, his fans dragged him after he chose the artwork his company had created for his latest album, Touch My Blood. Fans felt duped because he had allegedly asked them to submit their work to his company. 

Main image credit: instagram.com/@akaworldwide