AKA Goes Full Blast Mode On Upcoming Artist

"If you think I'm gonna put you on my back, you dreaming."

By  | Feb 03, 2022, 07:16 AM  | AKA  | Drama

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It goes without saying that AKA is one of the most acclaimed rappers here in Mzansi. And with fame and success, it is inevitable that our celebrities get approached time and time again by fans and upcoming artists for endorsements and guidance. 

And for Supa Mega it cannot be anything different. However, this time it seems that he has gotten himself in quite the sticky situation, especially after his fans learnt that he had intentionally ignored an upcoming artist, who had been reaching out to him but to no avail.

It all started out when Supa Mega took to his Instagram, to share a screenshot of what seems to be a text from the said artist. In the text, the artist claims that they have been trying to reach out to AKA only for them to get ignored and embarrassed.

And as if that is not enough, they claim to have even attended Supa Mega’s birthday and yet he still does not want to listen to his beat. Now to think that AKA would probably take a hint and listen to the guy now that he has clearly caught feelings, his reaction was the complete opposite.

Taking to his comment section fans have of course gone ahead to plead with AKA to listen to the artist’s music and at least listen to what they have been working on. But that did not move Supa Mega in any way and immediately delivered one savage response that is still sending shockwaves in Mzansi.


He went on to say that the music industry is not everybody and that 90% of the time, everybody’s music is pretty much trash. That’s not all though, AKA went on ahead to add that just because the upcoming artist texted him does not mean that he was automatically going to take them on his back and mentor them. Talk about a stinging response. 

As you can already imagine this response has not sat so well with his fans who have also gone ahead him to put him under fire for behaving as though he was once not a newbie in the industry. Even if what he did say was true, he did not have to go all blast mode on the artist.


We are still not sure whether this will be the last time Mzansi will be hearing of this story but we can only hope that AKA will come to his senses and support a brother. Until then, hectic!

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