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On 23 May, rapper AKA hosted the screening of his highly anticipated documentary, titled Moments in Life, where a total of 80 people - including certain selected media, were invited to view the documentary about his life and career. After the screening of the documentary, the guests were given the opportunity to ask the rapper a few questions about the documentary and his presence on social media.

AKA honestly spoke about the way he handles his Twitter account and how the media has used social media against him. This is what he had to say.


Ending off our night at @Akaworldwide exclusive documentary screening. It really is a dope doccie

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“I feel like the media is picking up on rubbish and are using it because they can’t go at me for the music because the music is the stuff that is really doing well. They pick up on these stupid things like the King Pie incident or silly things that I tweet about and they kind of use that to distract people from what is actually going on, which is the success of my music and the tours I’m doing.

So I came up with an idea and thought what if I handed over my Twitter account to my management and in that way, they would just tweet about gigs and other on goings in my career and in that way I could just focus on the music. Then I thought of a better idea, I thought what if I just lied to people and tell them that my Twitter account is being handled by my management?  But in actual fact it was me who was tweeting about the gigs and where people could find me performing – it was a way for me to clear the slate and for a while it did look like my management was handling my Twitter account but they were not,  it was me.

 However in doing that I realised that I missed the interaction with my fans, you know the thing that endears people to me is the same thing that gets me into trouble. I’ve always been like this, even when I didn’t have money or the success, I’ve always been this guy and I just decided to come back and start tweeting my thoughts again because that’s why people follow me, people want to hear what I have to say about certain things and it enables me to be witty and interactive with my fans.”

Watch out for our video of AKA's documentary where we view more exclusive footage from the event.

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