Celeb Feuds That Topped Trends

H for Hectic!

By  | Aug 03, 2020, 11:37 AM  | AKA  | Drama

Things got messy in ZAlebville this year as entertainers showed how much they do not get along. Some had hidden agendas and wanted to settle their feuds by re-igniting beefs and ticking people off in the process.

Here are the biggest feuds that got us glued to our phone screens.

Pearl Thusi Vs Bonnie Mdluli

Bonnie Mbuli and Pearl Thusi got into a heated exchange on Twitter about colourism in the entertainment industry.

Pearl Thusi has been involved in rivalries with stars such as AKA (they’re buddies now) and Ntsiki Mazwai, but one of her famous twars involved another famous actress.

Pearl was obligated to speak up for herself after Twitter users claimed she was only famous because she was a light skinned black woman and had no talent. The actress defended herself by saying she worked hard to get to where she and has also lost roles because of her skin colour.

AKA Vs Burna Boy

 AKA’s tweets that were misinterpreted about 'Nigeria' and football did not get the reception he hoped for. It came to a point where Nigerian artists slammed him for promoting hatred towards foreign nationals. Not taking anything laying down, AKA fought back and things escalated to a point where himself and Burna Boy exchanged some nasty tweets. Burna even threatened physical violence and told Supa Mega to beef up security. 

Burna said he will never set foot in SA however a few months later, he was announced as the headlining act at the Africans Unite Concert. This time AKA gained a few peeps to join his army to restrict Burna from setting foot in the country. They succeeded but AKA was not done. In his verse for Nkalakatha remix, he shaded Burna Boy along with Julius Malema.

He reminisced on his moments with Nigerian artists and all the tight bonds that were broken because of "soccer tweets".

Ntsiki Mazwai Vs Bonang

Ntsiki speaks her mind and is never afraid who she offends in the process. The poet and musician went after Bonang (on several occasions actually) questioning her real talents and if she even has any.

She even tried to go after her partnership with Woolworths and question the 'Black owed' status, claiming that white people still have a say in the products - obviously offending Bonang in the process.

Bonang responded to Ntsiki saying 'she does not have time for nonsense'. Moghel also told the poet to come at her with the same energy when they meet face to face.

She also tried it again by mentioning Zodwa Wabantu, claiming that Zodwa is a bigger force than Bonang.

Cassper Vs Prince Kaybee

Their bicep challenge was not taken seriously by many people and some downplayed their feud by calling it petty. The two musicians were arguing about who has bigger guns and biceps than the other, so much so that hey even gave each other nicknames, y'all!

Just when social media was moving on from their petty tweets, one user asked Prince if he will be attending Cass's concert,  to which he responded that his guns are too big for that.

Re-igniting the beef, Prince then called Cass 'Sasko Sam' and basically all he got from Mufasa was 'that N***a is weird'. Despite the disrespect, Cass revealed that Prince wanted to work with him after the twitter bickering they engaged in.

Vatiswa Ndara Vs The Fergusons

This feud bore greater fruit and a dialogue on the treatment that artists are subjected to in the entertainment and performance art industry. Vatiswa slammed the Fegusons for undermining her career with a low salary.

Court cases were opened and Vatiswa was ready to fight for what she believed in, - which is equal treatment and fair pay for actors and actresses. She even called on the minister to intervene and implement great laws to help actors get paid their worth.

Even though she claimed that it was not a direct attack on the production company, she was merely using them as an example, the Fergusons were still dragged.

It got messy this year!

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