“How many songs has that n***h written about Boity?” asks AKA

He's not here for your criticism about 'Beyonce' 

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“How many songs has that n***h written about Boity?” asks AKA

Supermega is doing the promotional rounds for his latest release, Touch My Blood, and his latest interview with fellow rapper turned music journo, Slikour, has been… uh… interesting.

Even though he spoke about the usual - Cassper, Zinhle, Bonang and the music - he did provide a few new perspectives that had us thinking about him a little differently.

When asked about online antagonism from Cassper leading up to the Touch My Blood release date when Cassper toyed with the idea of releasing a four-year-old song on the exact same day as AKA’s album, AKA simply said “losers focus on winners and winners focus on winning.”

He also spoke about one of the hottest topics on the album, his relationship with Bonang and all the revelations made thus far about it, the first being the fact that he and Zinhle’s relationship is on the mend.

“Now that I’m out of the relationship, I can now big her up for being a great mom and an amazing woman,” explained AKA. He also, surprisingly, took responsibility for the events his actions set in motion and said that he used the music for people to understand that as well.

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“That’s why the music is so raw and it’s so honest, it’s like therapy for me… I’m shrinking myself through the music and that’s why it makes people so uncomfortable but I don’t care,” added AKA.

In fact, it turns out that his highly controversial ‘Beyonce’ song was completed six months ago and he had confirmed that it was always going to come out despite alluding to the fact that they may have agreed not to talk about the breakup. What convinced him to release the single however was the promos for Being Bonang Season 2.

"When I saw the promos for the show, it was so obvious you know… singing composure… If you saw the promos when the season came back and the articles, you know, “this season we fitna spill tea”...”

AKA went on to add that he has a problem with the use of the word “targeting” in reference to him talking/singing about B*. He said if it was just another song about a random girl he had dated, people wouldn’t care, they just care a lot more because they know who she is.

He went on to add “how many songs has that niggah written about Boity?”

Watch the full interview below:

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