Reports Of Arrests In AKA’s Case Dismissed

This is after images of the suspects were released.

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Hope in the hearts of many of the public was lifted when it seemed that there was progress in the investigation of the assassination case of rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. This is as there were reports that were floating around suggesting that there have been arrests made in the case as reported:

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According to IOL, police have arrested three suspects in connection with the murder of the Fela Versace hitmaker. The three unknown men were allegedly arrested in Cape Town, Western Cape, on Sunday, 26 March. 

The publication reports that police were monitoring the suspects last week before they were arrested. A source close to the investigation told IOL that the suspects will be brought to Durban where they are expected to be charged. The suspects are allegedly in custody in Cape Town.

Western Cape police spokesperson Colonel André Traut did not comment when contacted by the publication. According to him, AKA's murder is a KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) case, so police there should be contacted for inquiries. 

As such, it seems that KZN authorities were contacted to confirm the matter or not, and the feedback was not as how it was initially reported. 

Reports of arrests in AKA’s case dismissed 

In light of the ongoing discourse on whether there were three suspects already apprehended in the AKA assassination case, the KZN SAPS shared their official update on the matter. However, it was not good news. This is as Sowetan Live has since rubbished the reports that there have been arrests made in the case. As reported: 

“KwaZulu-Natal police say there is no update as yet in the investigation into the murder of rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Col Robert Netshiunda was responding to a report that three suspects were arrested for the rapper's death on Sunday.”
Interestingly, signs that the reports of arrests being made were already questioned even before the KZN officials affirmed that there has been no update on the investigation. This comes as a result of there being images that were circulated on social media from the assumed arrest of the suspects. 

Given that the country has seen the CCTV footage of the last moments that AKA was alive before taking a fatal shot to the head. Social media users were quick to call out the circulated image as either being completely false or the culprits arrested not being the actual murderers. 

Specifically, this was due to the weight difference between the assumed culprits and those arrested by SAPS in Cape Town. It was clear that the suspects were not the ones due to how much bigger they look than the figures that were seen on the CCTV footage. 
Now it seems that the country is back to square one in terms of finding closure on the AKA assassination as the last update which was given only suggested that phone records and the phones of those who were present during the assassination were taken into custody. 

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