Alicia Is Working On Her Killer Body

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By  | May 13, 2021, 05:35 PM  | Drama

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Connie Ferguson now has a new gym buddy? Should she consider getting one Alicia Ferguson is more than keen on becoming her partner. Ali, her younger daughter has been joining her in the gym and sharing her pain.

The young matriculant joined her mother for an intense workout session. Connie took to Instagram stories to share some videos from their session.

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Even her eldest daughter Lesedi rarely wants a piece of the action as she has also joined her mother in the gym. Lesedi is all about body positivity. Taking to Instagram in 2019, Lesedi showed the middle finger to haters criticising her skin.

“This is me. With all the stretch marks that remind me that my body is constantly evolving, my cellulite reminds me I’m human (no matter how I’m still fighting against it and that very notion). I’ve come a long way and still have a way to go. But I’m hella proud of this girl. It feels good to take care of her. I don’t always get it right, and there are days I fail dismally. But I still try. I’m learning to love her as fiercely as I’ve loved others. We’re getting there, BLE. We’re getting there," she encouraged.

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