Amanda Du Pont angers Swazi royalty

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Amanda du-Pont  | Drama

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Last week ‘it girl’ Amanda du-Pont featured on etv’s entertainment chat show Screentime with Nicky Greenwall alongside musician Jesse Clegg. During the course of the interview Amanda had mentioned that she was a Swazi Princess which took some people by surprise as they were not aware that she was of royalty.

Since the interview it has come to our attention that such a statement made by the Real Goboza host has rubbed Princess Simile Dlamini who is the first born daughter of Prince Lonkhokhela the wrong way.

Apparently a publication in Swaziland titled Swazi-times alleged that Simile was so annoyed by Du Ponts royalty claim that she even took to Instagram to voice her frustration (Seriously Simile, it’s not that serious though).

We searched for Instagram account but to no success.

According to the reports Simile left a message on her Instagram stating her displease:

“Watching Amanda du-Pont lying about being a Swazi princess on eNCA. I’ve heard about this lie but it’s the first time I watched it come out of her mouth-unbelievable” The post read.

Honestly we don’t think Simile should take Amanda’s royal blood claim seriously, we’ve met and have seen Amanda in a few industry events and she’s nothing but a free-spirited individual who enjoys a great time out. Who knows, Amanda probably just said that to tick some people off just for the fun of it. We never thought we'd use this term but Simile keep calm after all you are the real princess right?


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