Andile Gumbi leaves Isibaya

The actor will no longer be on the popular show

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Andile Gumbi  | Drama

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Andile Gumbi

Andile Gumbi has left Isibaya after being with the show for a couple of years, according to reports, the show's producers  fired him because he would come to work drunk but the producers of the show slammed those reports and dismissed them as rumours. 

Andile Gumbi

According to Sunday Tribune, the actor missed a lot of calls and when he did pitch to work "he would come in appearing drunk and tired."

Andile Gumbi has had a pretty successful career, before joined Isibaya, he played the role of Simba in the Lion King. Despite the positives in his career he has had some dark times too, he was accused of allegedly abusing his wife, a claim he has vehemently denied.

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