Did Andile Ask For Sithelo Back?

More tea gets spilled!

By  | Jul 28, 2022, 09:40 AM  | Andile Mpisane  | Drama

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The drama which unfolded between Sbahle Mpisane and the Shozi sisters made room for more allegations to be made. According to a popular gossip page The Pop Corn Room SA, Andile Mpisane apparently wanted Sithelo back and he made more efforts during the Durban July weekend.

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If the rumours are anything to go by, it appears as though Andile wanted Sithelo back and failed. This was alleged by the popular gossip page that posted DM's from Andile trying to contact Sithelo who would not want to budge.
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Sithelo and Andile have two children together and shortly after they broke up, Andile married Tamia Mpisane who was pregnant at the time.

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A voice note from Sbahle Mpisane to Sithelo made rounds on social media where she said she did not know about Tamia Mpisane.

"I am not against anyone and I don't want to get involved in Andile's matters that he has gotten married to someone I didn't know about. I didn't know about her, everything was a surprise, and I had no comfort to call you because I know that they listen to phone calls but aside from everything.  I just don't know where me and you stand." she told Sithelo.

This explains why Sbahle showed up in gym clothes for the 'wedding' and was not glammed up like the rest of the family and guests.

After her Twitter space interview, Sbahle said some pretty shocking things mainly about Sithelo, in defense of her baby brother Andile Mpisane.

She alluded that Sithelo cheated which is why Andile desperately wants DNA tests done, but that is merely an allegation. She also spoke about the damaged Lamborghini which she said Sithelo cannot afford.

Shortly after her Twitter space, both the Shozi sisters hit back at Sbahle in the most gruesome way, Ze Shozi said she wishes her mouth could get crippled now, making fun of her car accident in 2018.
Ze's tweet

Sithelo said this is why she tries to protect her children from that family.

Sbahle hit back at the sisters on her Instagram stories by saying they seem to forget that what happened to her, can happen to anybody and even 10 times worse.

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IG stories
IG stories

Sbahle then made it clear that she wanted to know how the pictures Sithelo posted proved that she miscarried Andile's baby, "How will I say she wasn’t abused when I was aware of such??? With lack of knowledge, I said that picture she posted failed to make me understand how it laid to a miscarriage but y’all explained," said Sbahle.

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