Hi Anele Mdoda, It's Kelly Rowland's Birthday!

It never gets old...

By  | Feb 12, 2021, 02:18 PM  | Anele Mdoda  | Drama

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February the 12th is no longer just a Kelly Rowland day, but it’s a day to commemorate the day TV and Radio personality Anele Mdoda suggested that Rowland was not as good looking as many people believed.

In a since deleted tweet Mdoda tweeted in October of 2019: "Kelly only looks amazing with make-up” and shared a picture of Kelly with and without it and has been reminded every time Kelly Rowland pops up about her tweet.

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When Rowland announced her pregnancy, Mdoda trended. When Rowland gets a gig, Mdoda trends, today is Kelly Rowland’s birthday and guess who’s trending?
Today it all started when, Destiny’s Child(the singing group) handle wished Rowland a happy birthday on Twitter. Mzansi tweeps quickly rushed to the tweet and started laughing about the Anele Mdoda tweet all over again:
I saw this Tweet and immediately knew that Anele will be trending soon.”
“I love my country, people shame yoh.”
“This is gonna be her best Friday.”
“Anele everytime Kelly Rowland posts a picture.”
2020 Twitter was also a year when tweeps reminded Anele Mdoda that deleted tweet or not, Twitter will never forget or let the Kelly Rowland tweet go…so be careful what you put out there.

Black Twitter reminded Mdoda every chance they got that they'll never get over her criticism of Kelly's beauty even in 2021, though Mdoda seems to have let the whole thing go and has stopped defending her tweets this year.

How did the tradition begin?
After she deleted the tweet, a tweep brought back the Mdoda tweet in January of 2020 and expressed his shock over what Mdoda tweeted…When his tweet went viral the Mdoda and Rowland tradition began all over again and it was like we were right back in 2019. 

Mdoda is apparently still not bothered about her unpopular opinion and rubbed the salt in the trolls wounds.

She tweeted last year: “Oh I see that low life is showing that he thinks of me more than I think myself. Beyoncé is prettier. My opinion will never change nor make me go off Twitter as you Twitter bullies like. Smooches aaaaand trend,” 
When Rowland posted images of herself again last year in May, a tweep replied to her images “what was Anele thinking?” She (Mdoda) was trending and unfazed and retaliated again: "If my opinion shakes you so much please consult your therapist and not me.”
Happy Birthday to the ever so beautiful and gorgeous Kelly Rowland, with or without makeup!

Image Cred: The Today Show

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