Berita Finally Addresses Nota Publicly About Failed Marriage

The estranged wife has had enough!

By  | Aug 20, 2022, 10:52 AM  | Berita  | Drama

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Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi has reinvented him from respectable artist manager and music executive to a podcast contributor and too many the male version of Ntsiki Mawzai on Twitter. Possibly, a version of Mazwai on steroids, but the none the less a comparison is usually made. 

From obsessing over Mihlali Ndamase like Musa Khawula. He initially changed his tune after receiving backlash for comparing Ndamase to a dog which he could kill without consequence, suggesting that he is a feminist activist. But as was suggested by MacG, it seems that Nota is blinded by what he believes is fame on social media and has turned more into a notorious and inflammatory instigator on social media. 

While a lot of his rants have been weird to say the least. A fact which podcasts seem to enjoy as it results in views and engagement. For the general public it leans more towards worrying. More so as his hateful and inflammatory rants on Twitter have been against his estranged wife and soulful singer-songwriter Berita

Berita leaves Nota

It started in July 2022, when Berita took to Twitter finally breaking her silence on what was believed to be her husband and his erratic and arguably hateful posts on the blue app. Following the backlash she received as a result of the comments Nota made about Mihlali Ndamase, Berita came out publicly to confirm that she had left their marital home in the beginning of the year labelling his behaviour as “irresponsible, reckless and unruly.”

Labelled a narcissist, Nota would prove the label true as the saga continued to unravel. This is as when Berita initially revealed that they were estranged, Nota had first suggested that this was not the case (denial). He would then allege that Berita was not in her right mind and was being told to leave him by her team (projecting the blame elsewhere).

When this did not work, Nota returned to his usual form of sl*t-shaming women. Only this time he grouped Berita within the same class as “slay queens,” suggesting that it was his money and him introducing Berita to luxury and beauty that resulted in her becoming just another slay queen. 

All the while Berita would attempt to maintain her silence. But would every now and then break her silence to comment on a post relating to comments directed at her by Nota.

But it became clear in Women’s Month no less that Nota was looking to draw proverbial blood with his attacks against Berita.  

Berita finally addresses Nota publicly about their failed marriage

Following the denial and projection after Berita confirmed her split. It seems that Nota has resorted to publicly embarrassing the musician to garner social media sympathy. This is as he alleged that Berita must return a Micheal Kors bag which he bought her and was her first luxury item. He also went on to suggest that she owes him R14 000 for damage she caused on the cars after crashing them. 
But it seems that Berita had more than enough when Nota stated that he paid off her student loan and other personal and business debts she had in the past. Posts he has since deleted. 
For the public watching this, mostly ask that Berita get a restraining order and hope that Nota will not go any further than just tweets and interviews on podcasts looking to profit over what is clearly a cry for help from the outside…
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