Is Ambitiouz Sabotaging Emtee?

He reckons they’re out to get him

By  | Apr 23, 2021, 02:55 PM  | Emtee  | Drama

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Wondering why Emtee has gone AWOL, on Instagram? Well he reckons that Ambitiouz is out to get him and they are apparently targeting his social media. Complaints have been coming in about the rappers IG account and he can only think of one culprit.

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Instagram suspended the rappers account claiming that his page infringed on the application's copyright laws. Without hesitating, Emtee blames the record label for this and publicly confronted them asking the label, what did he do to them?

Emtee came to the spotlight whilst signed under the label in 2015. After four excruciating years with the label, he finally left in 2019 and went independent. He recently released his very first album under his own record label called Logan and is doing very well.

Former Ambitiouz signees have accused the label of treating them unfairly. Emtee has been the most vocal saying the label stole his credit, his awards and have tainted his name in the process. “I reached the point where it couldn’t go on any further. I have two kids and I can’t allow people who don’t even know me to dictate my life. My kids are going to look at me one day and ask why I didn’t stand up for myself,” said the rapper at the time.

In his interview with Mac G he revealed more details about the mistreatment suffered under the label. Ambitiouz gifted Emtee with a lavish apartment which they took care of financially at first. As time went he started receiving electrical and water bills and he also had to pay rent. He was then asked "what happens if he beefed with these people, would he lose everything?"

Emtee responded by saying, "That was always at the back of my mind, and every time the answer would be 'yes', they will do that." As expected, after leaving the record label he went very broke. He even revealed his shocking salary he received from the label saying it was just under 20K, whereas they were making around 50K per show he was performing in.

Emtee revealed that A Reece warned him that they were getting ripped off by the label, but being a family man with two kids to feed, Emtee ignored the warning. But later regretted it!

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