Ambitiouz Entertainment Set The Record Straight

"We assisted him financially for months"

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Ambitiouz Entertainment has set the record straight following claims made by the former Raplyf producer/beatmaker Makwa that the Label gave him an advance.

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During his interview with The Sobering Podcast, Makwa revealed that Ambitiouz Entertainment gave him an advance. He said Kgosi told him that it’s an advance if he wants to be an A&R for Blaq Diamond’s Muthi records. He added that Kgosi told him that he has been eying him and he’s noticed that he multitasks and also he can unearth new talent.

Responding to the claims, Ambitiouz tweeted: “Since Our name is being thrown into this issue that was supposed to stay private, let’s set the record straight.”

The Label said after seeing Makwa’s posts on social media they contacted Kwesta and Nota to check up on him. They (Ambitiouz) say Nota requested them to help Makwa out. They then offered him an A&R opportunity but he declined.

“After seeing disturbing posts of Makwa on social media a few months ago We contacted him, Kwesta & Nota to check if he was ok. Nota requested that We assist him ( Makwa) financially and Ambitiouz Assisted for a few months. The money wasn’t a loan or an advance of any sort. Ambitiouz offered Makwa an A&R/ producer opportunity in order to continue to help him put food on his table, the offer he declined.”

The Label made it clear that the money was not an advance and they only helped because it was requested.
“If the money was an advance, then why hasn’t it being paid back or AE requested a repayment? AE assisted because Nota Asked it to help! This matter was a private matter & We hoped it stayed that way, but since it’s made public against our will. We Have to Fix the incorrect narrative.”
Makwa has been making headlines recently, earlier this week he took Instagram Live to demanded money from all the artists that owe him. He named Leroy, DJ Maphorisa, MFR Souls, Ms. Cosmo, and Kwesta.

Nota who was also part of Makwa’s Live, later tweeted that: "I went to Makwa’s last night. I’m so upset at how he’s abused my kindness, I wash my hands. A grown man with 2 children who won’t take accountability and address those who have taken advantage of him? I have done nothing but fight for him to get what’s his. He’s now on his own...”

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