All is well with Don Laka and Blondie Makhene

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Blondie Makhene  | Drama

Jazz musician Don Laka posted a statement on Facebook over the weekend about musician Blondie Makhene’s financial status, that raised a few eyebrows. 

The statement contained parts of a News24 article published in 2013 about the musician being broke.

The status read:

“HERE IS BLONDIE MAKHENE,BROKE...His music has disappeared from radio the one that he should be living of.highly talented instrumentalist, vocalist. Makhene (57), who sold thousands of albums and thrilled people at festivals with his revolutionary songs, is squatting at his mother’s house in Soweto after financial troubles forced him to sell his own place.”

Blondie Makhene was clearly disappointed at Don Laka’s statement and released a video in which he accused Blondie of spreading rumours.

“Mr Don Laka I am not 57 years old, I am 60 years old and secondly, sir, you’re not qualified to comment on my financial status and if broke means shattered, vast and without life then you know too that, that does not apply to me because you and I were talking a few hours ago on the phone. After two years…that is.

So if you really not serious about these scandalous rumors that you’re spreading about me on social media, then I accuse you of not telling me ra gwarranasiya lanzana (we're joking around) and you break the first rule yok’lanzana…no mama jokes.”

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Looking from the outside in, it seems like Blondie Makhene might have misunderstood what Don Laka was trying to do with the statement.

Don Laka is on a quest to expose the ugly nature of the music industry, and Blondie Makhene just happened to be one of the examples he used to make his point. 

After much concern from followers of both musicians, Don Laka then cleared the air about his current relationship with Blondie Makhene.

Image Credit: Facebook