Lady Zamar Claps Back At Trolls

She is tired of being accused of sh*t

By  | Aug 04, 2020, 09:34 AM  | Lady Zamar  | Drama

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South African singer, Lady Zamar, picked up where she left off on Saturday, and addressed trolls who have been accusing her of a multitude of things. The Collide creator has called out her followers for a number of false allegations, which she did not specify, and given claimed to be the victim of smear campaigns on social media. 

She claimed that she has chosen to not reply to the outrages remarks shared on her page, and for that reason, many of run with the false claims made against her, potentially tarnishing her reputation. She stated, “Like what is wrong with you guys? accusing me of things you know nothing about nor do you understand... Just coz I didn’t reply to all your insane tweets and that stupid smear campaign... Mxm”. 

She ordered her followers to remain quiet until they have something factual to say, as she is growing increasingly tired of the lies.
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