Boity Goes To Groove With Her Mom

The two had a great time

By  | Dec 17, 2020, 08:38 AM  | Boitumelo "Boity" Thulo  | Drama

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Boity and her mom Modiehi Thulo have one the most envied mother-daughter relationship. The rapper's mom took to Instagram to reveal that she went out to one of Boity's gigs and they had the time of their lives.

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The 30-year-old has finally released her long-awaited EP titled 4436 but Twitter users are adamant that they will not stream her new music, following her comment on Mihlali's backlash back in August.

If you do not remember what she said let's jog your memory a bit. Boity caused a stir on Twitter when she decided to weigh in her two cents on Mihlali's backlash after the beauty influencer was dragged for saying she goes out on multiples dates with men

Mihlali was thereafter called a "hoe" for saying that. Boity endorsed Mihlali who came out with guns-blazing to set the record straight that men do not own women's bodies,

Boity responded to Mihlali's tweet and said "They DGAF. Don't let the roaches bring you down to their level." Boity also Tweeted and asked if the roaches are working because they spew hate on timelines every time.

Fast forward to Thursday, 3 September 2020, Boity returns to the Twitter streets and offered an “apology.”  In her words, she basically stated that “These men insulted me in every way possible. I too responded with insults and proceeded to call those men unemployed roaches. If you didn’t insult me that day, the insult was not meant for you.” She then added a smiling face emoji to showcase that there were no hard feelings.

Although Boity has since apologized and clear off the air, Tweeps haven't accepted her apology by the look of things as they have mentioned that they won't stream her EP. This follows after she asked them on Twitter as she released her EP.

Boity's EP is named after her grandmother’s house in Potchefstroom, where she was raised.

4436 produced by pH Raw X, Reason and Bash Jameson features a host of multi-talented stars such as Riky Rick, Yanga Chief, Maggz, Ginger Trill, and Maglera Doe Boy.

The 9 track EP comprises the bonus track Wuz Dat which largely launched the rapper’s career. With all the makings of a global star - the right look, a banging body, a glamorous life, and the flow to match, this is indeed Boity’s time and this EP showcases her skillful rap, high-quality production, and her growth as an artist. The people’s favorite rapper with over 7 million followers on social media and fast becoming one of SA’s most featured hip hop acts,

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