No One Will Mess With Boity After This

Boity's clap backs make trolls go mute!

By  | Aug 26, 2020, 02:14 PM 

Boity is one celebrity who's never been afraid to speak her mind and this morning was no different! The Bakae hitmaker sent a few trolls on Twitter to the cleaners.

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It all began with a conversation around Mihlali's Instagram stories where she tells men to stop thinking that whatever opinion they have about women and how they live their lives matter. This was particularly aimed at someone who labelled Mihlali a hoe in her comment section because she went out on multiple dates.

Boity retweeted the video, supporting what Mihlali was saying. Another tweep tweeted and said she shouldn't go back and forth with some men about what she feels is right for herself as a woman because there are men who don't care to understand. Boity endorsed this and tweeted. "They DGAF. Don't let the roaches bring you down to their level."

A tweep caught feelings from this and insulted Boity for being 30-years-old and single and the Own Your Throne star put him in his place real quick. "I would stay single for eternity if my options were the bottom of the barrel ass clowns like you. Imagine! lol," she responded.

Boity then put the nail in the coffin, tweeting. "Just because the men that raised you are insecure bitches, I understand why you'd thinkI'm masculine. But thank you for the compliment."

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Picture Credit: Instagram/Boity
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