Does Boity have the knack to be a rapper?

The song has received mixed reactions from the public, but she says Wuzdat is just a dope jam.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Boitumelo "Boity" Thulo  | Drama


If you’ve been waiting to hear Boity’s new song “Wuzdat”, you’re not the only one! We’ve been excited about the track even before we heard it!

So remember back in 2017, Boity joined Nasty C on stage during that infamous Amigos concert and rapped a few verses for the crowd?


After her performance, people speculated that the media personality was actually planning on embarking on a rap career which had a few hip-hop heads unsettled. However, people's nerves were calmed after Boity told Sunday World that her and Nasty C were just having a bit of fun.

“It was really after our fun rap on Club 808 that I decided to try it and just have fun in studio. Nasty C invited me to do a song with him and it was the perfect opportunity. I jumped at the chance. It was my first time recording a track so I was nervous and I did my best to write as much as possible. I wrote what I could. Nasty sat with me and tweaked it and then showed me how to approach it. It was a great experience.”


But it turns out that the fun experience has turned into a serious hobby a year later.

Boity finally released her single - Whuz Dat for the rest of Mzansi to hear. The media personality premiered the song on Metro FM on Thursday morning, and we must say, she surprised a few people.

Speaking about the song, Boity said: “Wuzdat is like, it’s just a dope jam, I’m spazzing out I’m having fun with it. I got a moment to release my little alter ego that’s always wanted to be like a bad B."

Some love the song, while others are not convinced.

Boity also added that rappers such as Gigi Lamayne invited her to work on something once she was ready.

“Gigi was one of the first people to DM me, she was like: “Yo man, I'm so proud of you, taking this step and whenever you're ready to do a collabo or a feature or whatever, I am on there,“ Gigi is fantastic," she said.

Nomuzi also gave her the green light.

“Nomuzi as well, as much as she hadn't heard the song yet she was like: People have been so positive, I'm rooting for you...“ Boity said.

Did you hear the song today, if so, what are your thoughts?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Boity