Bokang shares a heartfelt message to her husband

Bokang pens an open letter about her husband's proudest moment

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Bokang Montjane-Tshabalala  | Drama

Simphiwe and Bokang Tshabalala

We’ve seen some of the best South African soccer stars being exported to join some of the most prominent soccer clubs overseas, and now Siphiwe Tshabalala is about to be added on that list and his wife Bokang Tshabalala couldn’t be more excited.

Kaizer Chiefs' former winger, Siphiwe Tshabalala has had a great career off and on the field while serving under the renowned soccer club. He has endorsed a number of big brands and secured the bag, but with the most infamous moment of his career having been of him scoring Bafana Bafana’s first goal in the Fifa World Cup against Mexico in 2010, the question he’s heard quite often has been: “ you ever regret not playing overseas?”

Earlier today it was announced on Kaizer Chiefs official social media account, that Tshabalala had left the soccer club - after nearly eleven years in the club - to join Turkish Super Lig side BB Erzurumspor.

According to EWN, during the 33-year-old soccer star’s time spent at the club, he made 372 appearances and scored 58 goals during his career at the club, making it a milestone worth celebrating.

His proud wife, Bokang Tshabalala took to her social media penning out her excitement for her husband in a long heartfelt Instagram post. Bokang expressed that she had always felt that he would have yet another great victory following his Fifa World Cup moment and after many prayers that they'd had, she felt that this was the perfect time for him to receive his breakthrough.

"Monna waka [My husband]: We have prayed night and day for this moment. Remember how angry I’d get at interviews when you’d get asked “ do you ever regret not playing overseas” and I’d always be like”ke mang a ba boditjeng gore nako ya gago e fetile” ( who told them ur tym is up) I kept saying people think the World Cup was your greatest moment and greatest life testimony but they have no idea who you are and whose you are!!! I’m sure you got tired of my messages saying “ God says I’M NOT DONE WITH YOU” I have watched you get up daily without fail with dedication and unwavering loyalty to play the game you love with all your heart. I have watched you take criticism day in and day out with your job and God given talent and yet you held your head up like the KING you are and carried on... I have watched you have doors slammed in your face, and being stripped of great opportunities and yet you’d still find the will to carry on and keep on keeping on..." [sic] she wrote.

Simphiwe Tshabalala and his family

Bokang went on to reiterate that the story behind his venture to Turkey and his success was purely through prayer and faith: 

"I am so overwhelmed with joy and happiness and thank God every day for putting me at the front seat to watch and be part of your life and blessing me with a husband whose faith is even greater than mine. May this be a testimony to anyone who's ever been told you’re too old, not good enough, not beautiful enough, not smart enough, not worthy of big dreams that IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL GOD IS DONE WITH YOU... when God has appointed you, chosen you , when it’s your turn , it won’t matter who’s in the seat, it won’t matter if you’re at the back of the line GOD WILL MAKE A PLACE FOR YOU, AND HE WILL MOVE YOU TO THE FRONT QUICKLY because his timing defies societies timelines, perceptions, beliefs and rules!!! No one can write you off when God hasn’t written you off and WHEN GOD SHOWS UP HE SHOWS OFF... Oh Monna Waka go and show them who and whose you are !!! The story behind this particular moment is one of prayer, faith, tenacity , perseverance, believing in your dreams, not being defined by your background, and certainly one you will tell our grandkids repeatedly ( as I interrupt and finish it off for u) in years to come... YOU ARE A LEGEND and I am the proudest wife in the world. Ke go rata ka pelo yaka kamoka," [sic]

It is reported by EWN that Tshabalala has a two-year deal with the Turkish club, and has an option of extending the contract for a third year.

Congratulations to Siphiwe Tshabalala and his family.

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