Bonang's Husband WILL Sign A Prenup!

Nobody is touching B's millions

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Bonang Matheba  | Drama

If you had dreams of marrying Bonang Matheba then there's one very important piece of information you need to know about the terms and conditions of your nuptials: B isn't going into any union without a prenup.

It all began when a follower curiously questioned how much Bonang's family would charge for her Lobola when the day for her to get married finally came. While we're not experts on the negotiation process, it's fair to say Lebonza's malumes have the right to demand a lot of cows.

While followers took turns to guess the would-be price for Bonang's Lobola, one of her male followers stepped up and made a list of financial suggestions for this year's Miss SA host to consider. In short, he recommended that she protect the fortune that she's already built for herself:

The House of BNG founder appeared to agree quite emphatically when she revealed that nobody was going to be laying a single hand (or more specifically a paw) on her fortune. She replied almost immediately, "Nah. My husband WILL sign a pre nup. Ain’t nobody getting their paws on my millions."

Her followers were not only inspired by her stance on marital contracts, but many of them revealed that they were keen to protect their own small fortunes; even if they didn't quite compare to Bonang's:

But back to the original topic: the Lobola price. Although we suspect it will be quite high, even Bonang herself isn't sure of a figure. But she's promised her followers that she's going to investigate further:

Let's just hope that her overseas-based boyfriend is reading these tweets so that he doesn't get a huge surprise when he proposes...

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