Bonang tells entertainment blogger to go f*** himself

Well then, that escalated real quick.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Bonang Matheba  | Drama

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As of late, Bonang has not been holding back on her clap backs and the latest person to feel her fury is Phil Mphela.

On Tuesday morning, the TV and radio personality gave Phil Mphela a piece of her mind.  This comes after the entertainment commentator took to Twitter to share that the former Metro FM presenter was suing the Sunday World newspaper.

In case you missed it, the Sunday publication published an article this past weekend about Bonang allegedly being involved in tax fraud. The paper reported that the reality TV star even appeared in court. However, Bonang refuted the claims on social media and labelled the paper as “trash”.

Phil then went to Twitter to share this:


Cool, nothing wrong with this, right? However, it was all nice until Phil decided to give Bonang some advice. He said Bonang should let this go, adding that “her influence is waning”.


And Bonang had a few words for Phil.


This is not the first time the Being Bonang star has clapped back at Phil. Back in 2014, Bonang graced the cover of Glamour magazine, which was a big milestone. Fans and industry peers celebrated this beautiful and historic moment.


However, Phil had a problem with the cover. "I actually found it insulting to black talent that everyone thought it was some history making milestone.”  

Phil said ‘white’ magazines use people like Bonang on the cover when they need publicity. "You are all just puppets including people like Bonang who have essentially become ‘rent a black’ talent,” he wrote on Facebook.

Bonang took to Twitter and told Phil: “@PhilMphela you couldn't pick up a phone or send an email... So guess what?!! Go to bed. You'll be dealt with tmrw." She also told him that she was “livid” and that it wasn’t her fault that Glamour took so long [to put a black person on the cover].

Bonang further added that she's tired of his obsession


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Bonang_M