“Dragged, Unfollowed And Blocked For No Reasons” - Pinky Girl

Are Pinky Girl and Bonang really beefing?

By  | Jan 24, 2023, 03:07 PM  | Bonang Matheba  | Drama

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Pinky Girl then returned as a cast member during Matheba’s two-part SABC 1 special A Very Bonang Year. Throughout this time, the two seemed close as Pinky Girl would sing her cousin’s praises on social media. However, following Matheba seemingly making a joke which referenced Pinky's time on Being Bonang, it seems that there is a rift that the public did not know about.  

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For context

[As Matheba] plans her return, it seems that she wanted to bring Pinky Girl along to possibly feature her in upcoming episodes of B*Dazzled 2.0. However, in a subliminal tweet expressed how this was not possible because this time Pinky Girl has a visa, what she did do was get vaccinated so she can’t come.
Pinky Girl’s first response reported as: 

It is the battle of the cousins as media personality and Mzansi's favorite IT girl Bonang Matheba is in a squabble with Pinky Girl. One would argue that the subtle bullying and jabs have always been building up and it was just about time for Pinky Girl to stand up for herself and retaliate to Bonang Matheba.

After yesterday's series of tweeps where Bonang Matheba was subtly taking jabs at Pinky Girl for not having a visa and or not being vaccinated. The shade being thrown must have not sat well with Pinky Girl as she takes to Twitter to address Bonang Matheba.
Are Pinky Girl and Bonang really beefing? 

Initially, it seemed that when Pinky GIrl also said she was “tayad,” she meant it as a joke.

But as she continued to use the blue app to vent, it quickly became clear that she is really beefing with her cousin. First, PInky Girl seemed to suggest that Matheba was using her and initially she was okay with it. However, now she does not feel like associating with the media personality due to what she will earn.
She then asserted that she can afford to go to the US through her own means without the assistance of her cousin. But she did not stop there, Pinky Girl then continued her clapback to her cousin Dorothy by also labelling her as fake and shallow.
Of course, following her tweets, it makes sense that her comments section will be filled with people calling Pinky out for not mentioning a name or at least @’ing someone so it is clear who all these tweets are directed at. But Pinky GIrl has remained mum.
Bonang on the other hand has seemingly decided to keep it moving. This is as despite Pinky Girl’s suggestive subs on the blue app. It seems that Queen B* has had all the laughs she wants out of this moment. More so as it seems that it is true that the two cousins and former co-stars actually do not follow each other anymore on their social media accounts. 

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