Video Resurfaces Of Pearl Thusi Making Fun Of Bonang's Abuse Ordeal

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In todays' instalment of Black Twitter vs Pearl Thusi: it seems as though the gloves have been off since the beginning of Pearls career but not to this extent. Social media has been up in arms regarding alleged sexual predators, abusive celebrities and their ability to use their money and fame to sweep scandals under the rug.

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The whole rape saga involving two prominent DJs, Fresh and Euphonik has been trending since forever, however, their retaliations are not making things any better. Despite the fact that multiple women have accused DJ Fresh of the same offense, their cases have gone unproven due to lack of proof.

In the case of Euphonik, proof was provided and he has since been labelled an abuser. His then girlfriend Bonang Matheba's bruised and scarred face made rounds all over social media and instead of women showing her support, they laughed behind her back.

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One woman, who is known to not being B's biggest cheerleader did not laugh behind her back, in fact she publicly made fun of her. We are talking about Queen Sono's very own, Pearl Thusi.

A few years ago, during the whole #Nonke saga, Pearl decided to poke fun at Bonang Matheba by refering to has as 'Hlanyo.' A term Euphonik described her as after she made the allegations, which mean "crazy woman."

A tweep who made Mama Panther trend wrote, "Remember when Pearl Thusi and Linda Moeketsi made a video asking Euphonic for Nonke T-shirts, telling him they LOVE him, while mocking Bonang by referring to themselves as "Hlanyos", because that the Nickname Euphonic gave her after he physically abused her?"

Pearl has since been called out for her lack of support and vocalism when it comes to social issues including gender based violence and homphobia. Another tweep wrote, "Let's see the fu**ery of Pearl Thusi: never acknowledged light skin privilege, hijacked brown skin girl, bullied Bonang, liked transphobic comments, tweeted about her phone being missing on the day we found out Uyinene was raped and killed, defended Tall Ass Mo."

The DJ's are still under fire for the latest allegations, so Pearl Thusi trending is seen as a way of diverting the attention away from the allegations. A tweep wrote, "Involving Pearl Thusi, Dj Zinhle and all the people who were not "for" Bonang back when she happened to be going through a difficult time with Euphonik is a bit unnecessary though.. We all know Pearl and Zinhle have not been about Bonang for OTHER reasons."

Here are some of the few reactions:

Watch the video below:

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