"Only Bonang Could Save Us From The Bad Wigs"

Why wasn't she on Young, Famous and African though?

By  | Mar 22, 2022, 09:31 AM  | Bonang Matheba  | Drama

Bonang Matheba
The first season of our continent’s most engaging reality TV show, Young, Famous and African, just dropped on Netflix, and although it has been up for close to a week now, the excitement it ignited is yet to die down. But now fans want to know why Bonang Matheba wasn’t part of the cast. 

The reviews of the show have been blowing up on social media, as fans hold discussions about their favourite cast members. The whole show is about the rich and famous of Africa showcasing their wealth and fame, and navigating their relationships with each other, as well as their personal lives. 

But it is so obvious that some faces are missing from this pot, and the most notable one is Queen B. She was first mentioned when the whole of social media, local and international as well, united to hate on the wigs worn by the ladies in the cast. 
The highlight was a green wig Khanyi Mbau wore in one of the episodes, and fans have been dragging her for it for days. They think it looked horrible and rough, its colour was off, and at some point, it looked like it was also tired and trying to escape her head. A little harsh, isn’t it? 
Now Queen B’s fans have been calling for her to join the cast. They believe that she is the only one who can rescue the viewers from the shackles of bad wigs. This is because her fashion is impeccable, and every time she steps out, she shows out, from head to toe. Never would Bonang be caught wearing a bad wig, much less on international TV. 

Khanyi, the pioneer of the show and the one who assembled the celebrities to do it, has been revelling in the attention and the rave reviews that the show has been getting. But she has also caught the complaints about the wigs. 

One thing about Khanyi, though, she is not afraid of criticism, and rather than take it as an attack, she always takes it in her stride and learns from it. She has already responded to comments about the wigs, and said that she (and the production team, we assume) is working on it. 

Screenshot: Instagram

But all in all the show was a delight to watch, and might just be the first time that a show of this magnitude has been seen in Africa. It made it across borders, and the mark of that is that it has been featured on The Shaderoom. How awesome! 

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