Does Zari Make Khanyi Feel Insecure?

The first season of Young, Famous and African is hectic!

By  | Mar 20, 2022, 09:48 AM  | Zari Hassan  | Drama

Zari Hassan/ Khanyi Mbau
The first season of the new African reality TV show, Young, Famous and African recently dropped on Netflix SA, and it has been top of the trends since. Now fans are debating the dynamic between Khanyi Mbau and Zari Hassan, convinced that the latter makes Khanyi feel very small and insecure. 
Episode six, titled Murder on The Blue Train, features a scene where the cast is on a blue train, on Zari’s invitation. Zari thanks everyone for honouring HER invitation. And although the words seem innocent, her tone is certainly catty as she says it, which fans immediately picked up on. And Khanyi, right on cue, rolled her eyes, which everyone noticed and saw that Zari was definitely targeting someone with her comments. 

There is also the scene where Khanyi came all the way at Zari, and gave her a serious tongue lashing about being bad vibes. 
Viewers also think that Khanyi is so used to being the centre of attention, that she does not like Zari because she always steals the spotlight when she shows up. They are convinced that Khanyi is the true mean girl of the show, but she is somehow trying to influence the others, especially Nadia Nakai, to dislike Zari just because she has an issue with her, which has nothing to do with real events, but everything to do with her own insecurities. 

Have a look at some of the comments that tweeps have about Khanyi and Zari’s “rivalry” in the first season. 
The show really did come in hot, and we expected nothing less from a team assembled by Khanyi. I mean, we know she always brings the drama, and it was nothing short of that. 

Her first truly shocking moment was when she revealed that her 15 year old daughter, Khanukani “Cannes” Mbau, lives alone next door to her. The other cast members were not amused by her revelation, and questioned what kind of mother would let a teenage girl run her own life like that. 

Khanyi was not pleased by the responses, and she went in on those who critiqued her, especially Nigerian star Annie Idibia. She did not appreciate having her parenting style judged, especially by people who don’t even know her, and have just met her for the first time. 
But all in all, the first season has been a total riot. So much drama in seven episodes, and fans are already excited for season two.

What do you think? Is Khanyi insecure around Zari? 
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