Rea Gopane Continues To Dig His Own Grave

He says he won't pay Bonang a cent

By  | Jan 31, 2022, 02:49 PM  | Bonang Matheba  | Drama

Rea Gopane/Bonang Matheba
It has only been three days since Mzansi sweetheart Bonang Matheba won her defamation suit against controversial YouTuber Rea Gopane. But Rea keeps fanning the flames and digging a deeper grave for himself.
After the YouTuber alleged that Bonang had introduced her ex-boyfriend AKA to drugs. She demanded an apology from him, and although he did apologise, everybody could tell that there was nothing genuine in his apology. Bonang soon doubled down and took him to court with a defamation suit, which took years as they sometimes do. 

The It girl finally announced that she had won the case, and that Rea was asked to pay her R300,000 in damages. She acknowledged that he is only a broke kid just starting out in his career, so he obviously cannot pay that up right now. But the law is the law, so Bonang is excited to have him pay her for the next 30 years of his life, if that is how long it takes. 
Confronted with the supposition that she should let it go because there is no way on earth he can afford to pay her, Bonang said that it wasn’t so much about the money, because she is rich already. It was more about protecting her brand from such damaging allegations, and teaching a lesson to Rea and others like him who think it is fun to humiliate and defame others in public. 

But it looks like Rea has refused to learn the lesson. In a recent video, he has made fun of Bonang, saying that she is not getting a cent from him. He said he planned it all along, and he does not intend to pay her. He followed it up with a tweet that said that he would rather burn all the money than give it to her.

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Tweeps who initially applauded his “bravery” in not backing down from a fight with Queen B are now questioning his wisdom. They think it’s rather foolish to announce something so bold on social media, which is where his woes started in the first place. It’s one thing to try to push Bonang’s buttons, but it is something else entirely to risk bad credit and defy the courts. 

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We hope Rea finds a voice of reason to advise him against the dangerous path down which he is headed. He may think he is standing his ground against a bully, but he may actually jeopardize his future. I mean, he is already in debt for the next 30 years; maybe this is not the hill he should choose to die on. 
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