Bonnie vs Pearl: Round 2

Yoh this twar was lit.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Bonnie Mbuli  | Drama

Feathers got ruffled real quick in what was a heated engagement on Twitter yesterday when South African actress, Pearl Thusi, touched on the chronicles of yet again this week. 

It's almost guaranteed that certain tweets will gain traction in these social media streets. Therefore it was not surprising when scores of celebrities and ordinary Tweeps alike engaged Pearl on her perceptions and first hand experiences regarding colourism that exists in the realm of the Arts. The topic became a huge trend of everyone chipping in their opinion on the social issue.

However it was one actresses remarks that especially got on Pearl's nerves - Bonnie Mbuli. When the actress decided to join the already trending conversation, Pearl Thusi felt as if if Bannie's tweets regarding her experiences with colourism were directly targeted at her.

The conversation quickly got more and more personal as the two started tweeting what seed like direct and personal jabs. Pearl threw the first punch by bringing up Bonnie's struggle with depression. But Bonnie quickly clapped back!

It's not clear as to what personal grudges these two hold against each other as the vibe of the engagement quickly took a rather bitter turn. This is after Bonnie explained that she was generally addressing the plight of actresses in regards to colourism and questioned why Pearl felt offended because she was not regarded as a true actress.

This tweet must have cut too deep for Pearl as she equally gave what was given by responding with a spicy clap back.

This isn't the first time Bonnie has expressed her opposing thoughts on Pearl Thusi. Remember the time when Pearl tackled colourism once more as she painted her face with a black "paint"? Well Pearl's reasoning was that she was being creative, however Bonnie didn't take lightly to that - given the sensitivity of the issue.

Maybe this was a way to tackle some unfinished business between the two. We can't wait for round three!

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