Bontle Modiselle Opens Up About Miscarriages

It has not been easy for the dancer

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Bontle Modiselle  | Drama

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"I know my pregnancy journey looked easy. My approach was deliberate. Intentional! I made certain to dance my way through it. To have someone inspired to see and feel pregnancy differently was a goal. However, my difficulties never made it to the socials."

Those were the poignant words which Bontle Modiselle used to start what turned out to be an emotional tribute to her body, her daughter and the gift of life itself. The actress and dancer has been a new mom for a few weeks and although she admits to being happier and more grateful than at any other point in her life, she has opened up for the first time about some of the unseen difficulties during her term.

In fact, some of these difficulties occurred before she even fell pregnant with her firstborn. The musician explained how she had to undergo the pain of recovering from two previous miscarriages in the past. She wrote about the entire ordeal on Instagram where she said,

"Some day, I’ll fill you in on the insecurities, the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual hurdles I went through following the two miscarriages I had before the successful birth of my baby Afrika. I’ll speak openly about the fears that challenged me and had me asking myself if I would ever be woman enough to create and carry life through. But for now, I want to remain and bask in the glory of not being a victim of what once hurt me immensely but being the victor of the mommy I am."

It was a heartfelt message that ended on a triumphant note as she celebrated the gift of life that was her baby Afrika. She explained that although she was only 10 days into her new journey, she was willing to embrace every uncomfortable aspect of motherhood if it meant that she could hold her beautiful bundle of joy.

"Bring on the swelling, discoloration, the stretch marks, soft spots & cellulite. I’m not immune. Let me have a field day with the sleepless nights, the countless nappy changes and random cries trying to figure out what she needs. Let me fall in love with the newer imperfections my body has inherited. These are the vain concerns I’d trade in any day for my baby, who I now get to stare at, hold, kiss and love unconditionally. This image is Day 10 of my post-partum and we still take it a day at a time...with greater intent."
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Pregnancy is truly a delicate but ultimately special journey which is filled with complications at every turn. If you are lucky enough to have a child in your life, you should always be grateful for the process that brought them there.

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