A Sangoma Threatens To Bewitch Jub Jub

Viewers are certainly more concerned about the hosts following the threats

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Uyajola 9.9 presenter Jub Jub is under serious and damning threats following the airing of the last night episode. The episode featured a sangoma insert which landed Jub Jub to be followed by threats as the one of the sangoma's threatened to bewitch Jub Jub.

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Evidently, Uyajola 9.9 is one of the most dramatic and hectic shows to ever come out of Mzansi's television. Whether the show has been getting backlash for violating other people's privacy or simply the host being labelled problematic to both the viewers and show guest.

One thing about Uyajola 9.9 is that viewers have a love hate relationship. However, last night really had viewers on the edge of their seats as Jub Jub exposed a sangoma partner that was cheating on his sangoma partner. Once exposed, the male sangoma fired threats that he is going to bewitch Uyajola 9.9 host, Jub Jub.

"The Sangoma said he is going to bewitch Jub Jub. Is this the end of Uyajola 99?" wrote Taki Mawela
What also has strike scores of viewer is how the both sangoma's couldn't foresee, whether the lady was being cheated on or the man was about to get caught cheating. The question is really around the authenticity of traditional healers having the high powers. However, last night episode has put the traditional and ancestral calling under scrutiny.

"This woman is a Sangoma but could not see if they were cheating on her & still wrote to Jub Jub. The guy is also a Sangoma but couldn't see he was investigated. Bathong and then the guy is busy sleeping around le mathwasana, I'm confused Keng mosebetsi WA Sangoma?" wrote Keamo Morake
"Sangoma's who don't see Jub jub coming #Uyajola99" wrote Queen N
"The cheating sangoma's plans for Jub Jub after this episode was made" wrote Rapsta
Some tweeps are still reminded of the tragedy where school children lost their lives following the accident cause by Jub Jub and his friend while car racing in a public area. Tweeps are calling for the the late kids to be remembered and honored for they lost their lives untimely at the hands of law breakers.

"There should be a memorial landmark at the bridge where kids were killed by Jub Jub and Themba Tshabalala. We simply can't ignore such unnecessary tragedy. We simply can't forget incident where kids were killed while minding their own business" wrote Tat'uRadebe
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