Brickz Reportedly Released From Prison Early: Mzansi Reacts

This is a tough one

By  | Mar 21, 2022, 09:14 AM  | Brickz  | Drama

Sipho Charles Ndlovu, better known as Brickz, recently had some pictures go viral on social media that looked like he had been released from prison, and Mzansi is reeling with the news and what it might imply. 
Brickz was a Kwaito icon and his star was rising sharply. That was until his niece accused him of rape, and after a long battle with the courts, he was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison. 

There have been reports about him throughout his prison sentence – it seems the man just refuses to leave the spotlight. He was once said to have found salvation and joined the prison choir, and just recently, in 2020, he was reported to have tried to appeal his sentence and was let out briefly on bail, but he lost his appeal and was sent back to prison to finish out his sentence.

But just this weekend, a photo went viral of him in normal civilian clothes, standing in what seems like an SABC studio. The picture seems pretty recent, judging from the quality and the background too. 

Image credit: iHarare

As the photo hit social media, Mzansi was caught unawares, which resulted in shock and a lot of division online. I mean, the picture must mean he has been released early, right? Fans were confused, as it has only been four years, yet his sentence is supposed to be 15 years, and the last time we heard, his appeal was denied. 
Those who were his fans before his downfall are happy for him and have been celebrating what looks like his release. The fact that the picture was taken at an SABC studio has everyone concluding that he might be getting his own show, and they cannot wait to see him back on their screens. 

His supporters think he has served his time and paid for his crime, and now he deserves a chance to return to society. As one even said, he gets along with said niece. Others even think that if Jub Jub was welcomed back and given a show, after he was convicted of killing four children, then Brickz deserves the same grace. 

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But others are disgusted by the idea that a convicted rapist would be given a platform to come back to a position of influence, then celebrated for it. One published a letter that was allegedly written by the victim, which outlines her trauma following the incident. Others think rape is not “a mistake”, it is a deliberate violent choice, and people should stop making it out to be a simple slip of the mind. 
As you can see, this is very heated. But the Department of Correctional Services is yet to confirm whether he is actually released. This remains a developing story. 

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