Busiswa Gqulu reflects on dark times

Busiswa opens up.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Busiswa Gqulu  | Drama

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Busiswa Gqulu

Busiswa has been thriving in the music industry since being discovered by Oskido, now six years later, the hitmaker still owns her thrown.

Reflecting on her big break into the industry, Busiswa opened up about dropping out of varsity and being broke before she got her first call.

"I was literally squatting at my friend's place in Durban. I had dropped out of varsity at that time. I was broke and I was doing a few (odd) jobs. Waitressing and working at a hair salon. You know, doing those gigs, working at the art centre doing poetry sessions."

The musician who is now a new mother to a four-month-old son, said that she experienced a dark time when one of her followers scrutinized her for letting her baby daddy touch their son at a young age.

"It got really dark when I posted a picture of my baby daddy feeding my son and someone was like: 'no the man is not supposed to feed…the man is not supposed to touch the baby until after three months...the man must go out and work’ this guy was really upset, but I had people behind me saying that it's just a father feeding his child" She said.

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