Busiswa Responds To Be Called A Rapper

And a MC is not one of them.

By  | Dec 05, 2020, 11:18 AM  | Busiswa Gqulu  | Drama

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Busiswa was the at the receiving end of tweeps’ backlash as she was the only female artist to have the “MTV Base Hottest MCs” list this past week.  The “My Side of the Story” musician bested other female contenders like Nadia Nakai, Rouge, Gigi LaManye and Moozlie, who again arguably failed to get the recognition that they deserved for holding the female aspect of the hip-hop game down.

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While Busiswa did not do anything to inform the list or call herself an MC, that did not stop tweeps from coming for her on her timeline. And the good sis might have not wanted to address her relationship drama through any other medium than her music, but for this, she was ready to go to the streets and put hands on some tweeps for coming at her wrong.

First was the subtle jab that was directed at an artist manager that manages a female hip-hop artist that came for her. From the top of our heads, we can only think of one such manager that manages a female hip-hop artist and we do not mention names- but Nadia Nakai gets your girl or Busiswa will. And the good sis kinda did with her tweet suggesting that instead of dragging her, said the manager should be focused on encouraging collaborations and sisterhood,
Next, she addressed the matter of her being the only “MC” on the contentious list by making it clear that: 

“If you are a female rapper in South Africa I hope you know they have deliberately disrespected you and chose clickbait instead: me! I am also being used here. The token female (MC) that will get engagement on social media going. I have worked my ass off for 9 years only to be made a token!”
But it seems that other tweeps could not resist drag Busiswa, despite the musician having categorically stated that she does not believe that she should have made the list. And it was for these tweeps that Busiswa was willing to camp on the socials and drag anyone that decided that yesterday was the day to try and poke the good sis.
Through all her interactions, Busiswa let it be known that she will not be intimidated by unknown faces on social media because she is living her best life currently. And the good sis is so content with herself that she does not have the time to nurse bruised feelings about something she had no control over.     
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