Busiswa Trolled For Appeasing Her Ancestors With Champagne

And who was taking those images?

By  | Feb 19, 2021, 04:12 PM  | Busiswa Gqulu  | Drama

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Dancer and Gqom hit maker, Busiswa was trolled recently on social media when she shared images of herself appeasing her ancestors with what looked like very expensive champagne.

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She was first dragged for taking images while “appeasing” her ancestors, then dragged by her followers when they noticed a huge green bottle of Champopo next to the candles and imphepho.

The singer captioned her images on her Instagram with: “Spiritual alignment is a big flex! Don’t forget to take time out every now and find the centre. I’m visiting my hometown to do just that.”
While some of her followers were happy to see her appeasing her ancestors, others wondered why she’s not traditionally serving her ancestors with homemade beer and taking images as it’s a private ceremony:

“Every time we want to see them we can search deep in other dimensions within ourselves and find the real answers to who we really are and what we represent. Reign African woman, reign.”


 “So your ancestors have upgraded from drinking umqonmbothi (homemade beer) to drinking champagne. Akere we’re our ancestors wildest dreams.”

“What is the camera doing in the holy place?”

“I don’t man to be forward on anything but you don’t take pictures in such a strong deep place.” 

The musician was also trolled previously by The Queen actress, Dineo Langa on Twitter.

It all began when Langa took to Twitter to call out the Mpumalanga premier, Mtsweni-Tsipane for not wearing a mask at a funeral at minister Jackson Mthembu's funeral, which the premier has publicly apologised for.

Dineo stated in her tweet that everyone should be held accountable for not wearing masks and everyone should follow regulations of the lockdown.

She tweeted: “Unfortunately for her, members of public office will be taken to task when breaking the law. There is a level of irony and reality in that moment. One that says taxpayers can get arrested for not wearing a mask but politicians won't. Everyone must be called out.”
Then Busiswa who misunderstood Dineo’s tweet added her own opinions. The dancer assumed the actress was talking about the late Mthembu's daughter, Thuli who was apparently also not wearing a mask.

Busiswa replied: “We all know for sure that grief hits us in horrendous & different ways. To bury your famous father within three days of learning of his passing is a trauma of a unique kind. You can’t be a school principal on ‘she wanted attention’ vibes. Covid is dealing everyone a sad goodbye.”
Dineo mopped the floor with Busiswa’s face and tweeted: “Take the L Sis. You read to respond and not to understand. This wasn't about Thuli. This was about the Mpumalanga MP who ignored Covid-19 protocols. No-one is policing grief. We are calling out a member of government.”

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