Busiswa Slams Ambitiouz Entertainment For Always Mocking Emtee

She says the record label is 'childish and unnecessary'

By  | May 13, 2020, 11:53 AM  | Busiswa  | Drama

Emtee and Ambitiouz Entertainment have proven time and time again that they can never settle their differences. Emtee exited the label in August 2019 and their dispute dominated headlines.

They often exchange heated words on Twitter and this results in people intervening and showing massive support to Emtee.

The Johustleburg rapper had the whole of Black Twitter rallying behind him when Ambitiouz tried to sabotage his single release by releasing one of their own and paying promoters to hype it.

Recently Emtee expressed how disheartened he is because of Ambitiouz's constant disrespect towards him as if he was never a valuable artist during his time with the label.

When a fan shared a list of the many hits he has released whilst signed to the label, he commented by saying; "Then @Ambitiouz_Ent gonna treat me like I’m good for nothing."

Ambitiouz did not get touched by the comments, instead they decided to take a slight dig at him by saying every time he mentions them, their Twitter followers increase.

Many tweeps called the label out and slammed them for their behaviour towards former label signees who left them.

Busiswa was also not here for the disrespect and dragged them by saying their actions are childish and unnecessary.

"Childish & Unnecessary. You're not rappers in a battle here. Stop trying to drop bars on twitter & step up & do the right thing. Show us you're not the crisis centre we believe you to be but a credible business," she replied.

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Picture credit: dispatchlive.co.za