Why Cassper doesn't need to respond to #Composure

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

Sigh! here we go again, Cassper Nyovest has appealed to his fans on whether he should respond to AKA's disk track - Composure.

Cassper posted a Facebook status asking his fans if he should respond but on one condition, he needs to get 100 000 likes on the post before he can record the track. Seriously?

Does he even need to respond? We think not and here's a list on why he shouldn't.

Sponsors for filling up the Dome

We remember Cassper explaining that he didn’t retaliate to AKA’s slap because he’s trying to get sponsors to hop onto his fill up the Dome concert. This response to AKA’s #Composure could possibly hurt his sponsorship strategy.

Come to think of it, Cassper has already responded to AKA in songs like Beef and Phumakim

European Tour

The rapper is going on a European tour in a week’s time, surely he should be focusing all his energy on the tour and not on another beef track.

There is no positive end result to the response

We’ve tried to think of multiple positive ways Cassper’s response could benefit his fans or even the local hip-hop community as a whole and we came up short. After he’s released the response track then what?

Is he going to receive an award for the response? No.

Is AKA going to ask for a truce after hearing the response? We highly doubt it.

If anything the response will lead to a vicious cycle of team AKA and team Cassper going at each other’s throats. We’re sure they’re all exhausted by the rapper’s feud by now.

Riky Rick has responded for him

Technically, Riky Rick has responded for the entire Family Tree crew. Other's may have viewed it as a weak response, but we think in the long run it might even lead to the end of this tiresome beef between the two.

Take a leaf from Riky Rick and keep things moving in a positive manner.

And if he really feels the need to respond, we guess the only perfect way Cassper could respond is by filling up the dome to capacity.