Big Zulu Wants Cassper's Attention

Will Cassper heed the call or is he still eyeing AKA?

By  | Oct 02, 2022, 01:25 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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Big Zulu wants to challenge Cassper to a boxing match following his victory fighting Priddy Ugly. The fight which had people reeling with shock because it lasted less than two minutes, topped the trends list and now Big Zulu wants a piece of the pie.

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The highly anticipated celebrity boxing match between Priddy Ugly and Cassper became a trending topic. It took place at the Sun Bet Arena at Times Square Casino in Pretoria. Priddy Ugly suffered an embarrassing defeat as he was K.O's within a few minutes in the first round.

Big Zulu wants to teach Cassper a lesson by knocking him out in the boxing ring. In one tweet he said, he must come here. In another one he said, "What happened to making fun of my name? Come here Cassper."

We can't help but wonder if Cassper will heed the call or is his eyes still stuck o AKA. He always expressed interest in boxing AKA but the rapper was never interested.

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Priddy Ugly was not a sore loser as he admitted that the sport is difficult and that he might have let his guard down.

"What an experience! Never been knocked down before, so I gotta give it to @casspernyovest - you definitely worked hard & earned your victory, well done champ! Boxing is exciting, entertaining, takes real guts, heart & discipline. Let’s continue supporting the sport!"

Cassper even gave him a few words of encouragement and thanked him for participating.

"Nothing but respect champ. Everyone can tweet but not everyone can step in those four corners. You did it for the love of boxing that we both share. People will be talking about the sport for a while because of our battle tonight. Glad you could get home safe with your family."

Priddy spoke in detail about his fight with Cassper and said he could have done better.

He then encouraged people to accept their defeats, "As confidently as your take your wins, accept your L’s in the same manner, they are yours to keep, own them, learn from them & better yourself. The noise will be there, but ultimately it’s really about self. Pick yourself up, dust your shoulders & work harder - for you, not them."

He thanked people for their support, "The support has been overwhelming & I appreciate & love y’all for that. I got some good rest, feeling energised & blessed. Looking forward to Sunday Kos & being with my family & daughter. Haven’t doobie’d up in months, excited to have a fat one. We back in the gym tomorrow."

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