Cassper Nyovest Responds To Insults At His Family

This was a low blow!

By  | Mar 20, 2020, 08:30 AM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

Insulting another person's parents are considered a low blow, dangerous territory and strictly off limits...

But AKA clearly didn't get that memo nor the one about respecting our elders.

The rapper went on his wildest Twitter rant yet this week where he mercilessly mocked his nemesis Cassper Nyovest, whom he claimed he would "beat the f*** up" in a proposed boxing match later this year.

Perhaps it was part of Mega's tactic to taunt Cass into signing the contract for the match or he has some serious anger issues (or immaturity issues, claim his fans).

In any case AKA crossed the line.

In a number of tweets, AKA called Cass's father a "dead beat dad' for letting him drop out of school", his mother was hit was "his Ma se p***" and his entire family told to "suck my d***".

AKA then pulled a race card when asked about his lack of respect.

"As a coloured person I was taught to f*** s*** up", he replied.

Fans were enraged to say the least and we can only image how Cassper was feeling.

But Bhuti Fill Up refused to react to AKA's taunts and instead told fans why he would never, ever resort to insulting and disrespecting anyone's family.

He tweeted; "I have never disrespected anybody parents or family so miss me with that cause I just wasn't raised like that. There's a line that you don't cross!! Even with enemies!!"

Here's how fans on the TL have responded to the whole mess...

Did AKA take it too far with his insults? Or is all fair in love & war?

Image credit: Instagram @casspernyovest