Cassper Teaches Young Rappers A Lesson

Mufasa just secured a major bag

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

Cassper Nyovest is on cloud 9 right now after securing the bag in a big way, but he's used his latest win as an opportunity to educate young musicians on how to make money in the game.

You can talk the loudest, spit the hardest and even be the realest n***a in the game, but if you're not making the money to back it all up then can you really say you're winning? One person who has always (quite happily in fact,) put his money where his mouth is, is Cassper Nyovest and he's just done it again.

Mufasa took to social media to inform us all that he had just secured another massive deal in the form of a television commercial, but he also took a moment to advise young rappers that these types of opportunities only exist for clean brands.

Whether or not he was trying to shade some of his rivals is unclear; after all, the likes of Emtee and Ruff have been dragging Cassper for days on the timeline but both of them have had some high-profile questionable moments in their time in entertainment. Cassper feels as if brands will only side with you if you show them you are a safe bet. 

The boy from Maftown tweeted: 

"To up and coming artists tryna make a lot of money from the industry. Don't believe the twitter savage life, its a lie. A clean brand is most likely to get deals from brands than a hooligan. Bagged another TV advert and this one i really cant wait to shoot. BIG BAGS ONLY! BOSS!"
People on social media have wasted no time in congratulating the Sweet & Short hitmaker for his latest big win and we're now eagerly awaiting the details of his latest television appearance.

Do you agree with Cassper Nyovest's advice that brands only want to work with "clean" professionals?

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