Cassper To Speedsta: "Don't Start With Me"

Was it all just a misunderstanding?

By  | Oct 14, 2020, 09:54 AM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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Cassper Nyovest might have taken some offense to Speedsta's tweet where he commended Costa Titch for releasing the best album SA Hip Hop has heard this year. Cass's response had many convinced that it was directed at Speedsta however when the popular Hip/Hop DJ said in a thread he meant no disrespect to other rappers who dropped, Cass warned him to not push it.

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Cassper had initially deleted the tweet where he said "This is pure comedy! There's opinions, there's preferences and then there is (talking c**p). Pick a struggle." Speedsta saw the tweet and thought it was directed towards him however, Cass quickly put him at ease. He said he was talking about Nota Baloyi who blatantly disrespected Cassper's album by dissecting it song by song.
It makes sense that Cass would sub-tweet Nota as he has a bone to pick with him, however the timing was a bit off.

"When everyone you feature on your project sounds better than you do and you get the worst out of a legend like Zola to make yourself feel better. Then you pray PRO and Jabba can save your album from the grave. Not a chance. It’s back to the drawing board you go Kaizer Chiefs..." he said after the release of Any Minute Now.

"This is probably the worst of the 5... At least we had Remote Control, we had Baby Girl, we had Malume and a whole classic album with Tsholofelo... As a fan I’m more disappointed that this is the worst album from the Pantsula. That’s just my cold take. I wish it wasn’t so!

"You know you’re a wack rapper when you diss Scoop, a guy who doesn’t rap and can’t defend himself with a reply...Cassper & Nasty C’s tracklist should just be “a list of American rappers I tried to imitate..." he added.

Nota even hyped Costa Titch by saying he will deliver a better album than Nasty C and Cassper, "When Costa Titch’s album drops I’ll be back to say I told you so... I’m 1000% sure he’ll deliver a better album than Any Minute Now."

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Speedsta corrected the misunderstanding and said he did not mean to offend Cassper by hyping Costa Titch up. 

"I wasn’t trying to offend you in any way. I got mad love for you! Will call you & T Lee in the morning. 'Costa’ credit everybody on the album, because everybody on his album HOT!!!! Small, VERY SMALL EXAMPLE BEN FILLED THE CLUB UP (3 Days of Marketing) & he put the line up together easy because he produces all their stuff. Everybody performing there! Do YOU know BEN?"

Mufasa also supports Costa and quickly came to his defense after many accused him of cultural appropriation.
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