Inside Cassper And Emtee's Beef

Cassper shares his side of the story

By  | Dec 06, 2021, 08:07 AM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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The "beef" between rappers Emtee and Cassper Nyovest is one of the most confusing ones ever. On one hand you have Emtee who does not mind dissing Cassper any chance he gets. Then you have Cassper, who claims to have nothing but love for him. Which begs the question, are they really beefing?

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Cassper took to Twitter to speak more about his supposed beef with the Manando rapper. Mufasa was engaging with his followers like he usually does and one asked him about Emtee yet again.

It seems Cassper was not ware that Emtee does not have anything positive to say about him, but he does not pay him any attention.

The fan asked Cassper about the time Emtee said something negative about working with him in studio, "Emtee once said you called him to studio, he changed his mind because he thinks you gonna expose him and call him a crack head because he smokes weed or diss him about his d* are you that type of a person that exposed people like that?"

But Cassper gave a very humbling response and said he loved and supported Emtee's hustle but he fears that someone might have gotten to his head and told him negative things. This made him back off.

Cassper also does not care about Emtee always bad mouthing him on social media. He said if that makes him happy, then he should just continue with it.
This is not the first time Cassper spoke so openly about their beef with Emtee. In an interview with Pearl Thusi on BET's Behind The Story, Cassper said their fallout began when Emtee did not pitch in studio to do a song together. “With Emtee we were supposed to go to studio. He switched off his phone. I was so excited to be in the studio with him but he mized (ignored) me. Not only him, there’s a lot of people who mize me.” Cassper said.

This is the same treatment he received from A-Reece and Cassper spoke in the same manner.

In response to that, Emtee then took to Podcast and Chill and explained his side of the story. “I don’t wanna rock up there and have him feeling like, eh, so I wanted to pull up respectfully by myself. But then again, knowing the dude I don’t want no weird headlines to come out tomorrow. You find out that maybe while we were in studio he acted like we were cool and we’re recording, kante he is taking a video of my crack,” Emtee said.

Last year, Cassper got dragged for dissing Emtee. Things escalated after a live battle between Emtee and A-Reece which was dubbed  "The Revolution of SA Hip Hop."

This battle which saw Emtee winning it, saw Cassper trying to divert the attention towards him as he made it about him and how he filled up FNB Stadium, performing for 4 hours straight.

"I performed for 4 hours at Fill Up FNB stadium. That's a solid catalog. Nobody would dare try it. Nobody should dare try it."

But Emtee caught his sub and asked Cassper why does he not like commending people instead he makes things about him, and only him. But Cassper hit back and told him to stay on his lane.

"Mxm, Emtee go and sleep my boy. You've got a lot of work to do. Get on your grind and get things right. I'm not gonna let you use my name to do that. O ntwana! (you're a small boy) This is my last reply!!! Sharp sharp!!"

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