Podcast And Chill With Mac G Cancelled?


By  | Dec 03, 2021, 03:09 PM  | Drama

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This past week has seen Mac G top twitter trends for his famous podcast, Podcast and Chill. So far, his most recent episodes have caused twars on the platform. From Natasha Thahane admitting her privilege on set, to Jub Jub landing in hot soup for not only what he did to his baby mama Kelly Khumalo, but also to his other ex, Amanda Du Pont.

Now, Mac G is topping the Twitter trends yet again but this time it seems tweeps are divided as to whether or not the podcast should be cancelled. In Amanda’s video that she shared on her Instagram exposing Jub Jub, the Skeem Sam actress, put the podcast on the spotlight, shaming it for entertaining such demeaning conversations.

We have tweeps who are campaigning behind Amanda, saying that the podcast should not see that light of day again. Media personality Ayanda Thabethe is one of the guys who are calling out MacG for his interview with Jub Jub.

She says, “This last clip I re tweeted, honestly if you find that interview - the manner of asking ,responses and everything about it respectful then I agree we do not see things the same way and we never will. If women are spoken about in this manner-how can we be surprised at the stats ?!”

Those echoing her sentiments seem to believe that Mac G is making stats off of disrespecting women. What do you think?

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For others, they are simply saying, “Hands off Mac G”. According to his supporters, it is not his fault that celebrities always manage to expose themselves on his podcast. That just means he is a good interviewer and that Mzansi should be happy they have such truth seeking shows.

And while that could be true, we cannot fail to remember that previous episode on Podcast and Chill when Mac G’s co-host, Sol Phenduka made transphobic jokes about Vuyo Dabula. The two were discussing the issue of extra marital affairs when Sol said, “Shame man that it had to happen to Vuyo, he's an amazing guy. I saw him last week at Oakland Park. Yeah, he likes riding beautiful transies..."

And while some might have missed the pun about “transies” it seems many did not, one of them being media personality Mohale Motaung.

One thing is for sure, tweeps are going to boycott for the podcast to remain on air. In fact, fans have already suggested names of Zalebs and politicians alike who they want to be featured and interviewed by the podcast guru.

They should have a taste of this special truth serum Mac G is serving.

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